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First Tejbal Plantation in India

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013

The Dunagiri Foundation is so pleased to be working with HIMCON, Himalayan Corsortium for Himalayan Conservation.  Our colleagues there have proven to be experts in the field of tree nursery work.  We share a common vigor to preserve native species, especially one with such historical and spiritual significance such as Tejbal.  Our Project has been going for more than two years, and our test site to prove the ability to propogate this tree is so far successful.  This tree will be a valuable source of medicine and income to villages who have unused farmland, or whose farmland is devastated by wild animal encroachment.  We at Dunagiri are very excited about the medicinal properties of this plant. Vajra has devised formulas for teeth, skin disorders, as well as internal remedies to rid ones stomach of parasites.  We see a bright and long future for Tejbal as it is one of the herbs which can be sustainably collected from the wild.  Identifying forestry products which can be sustainably wild-harvested is one of the keys to detering illegal wild-collection of more ecologically sensitive species.  The brilliant power of Tejbal can be viewed from many angles, and its one of our favorites.  Enter Tejbal Project

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