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Twelve Ways to Live Life in Balance

Posted on: Jun 30, 2013

Twelve Ways to Live a Life in Balance

by Prashanti de Jager Ó2012

We can try to be balanced all we want and do things like eat better and exercise, ‘not sweat the small stuff,’ and get sleep.  It is one thing to take all the things that you are actually doing, like eating and sleeping, and then try to do them in a healthier more balanced way.  But then what about all those things that are a part of life, just not really a part of your life.  How to keep track of those, much less remain balanced in those arenas?

Ayurveda has many ways of dividing up the facets of your life, for instance the five-fold division of ‘Kosha:’ Body, Physiology, Emotions, Intellect and Subconcious.  It is a great model for diagnosis, but also for auditing which levels you tend to focus on, and which you ignore. 

Another very helpful method is the twelve ‘Bhavas.’   Bhava literally means ‘being’ or ‘becoming’ and is a model of the human’s typical fields of endeavor, experience and expression.  So the idea here is that you may be perfectly aligned and balanced in one of them, indeed downright exemplary, but in others you are lost like a leaf in the wind.  Happens constantly to all of us, so here is a little reminder. 

What follows here is a quick guide to these 12 Bhavas.  One way to use this guide is to print it out and then rate yourself 1-10 on how balanced you are in a particular arena of life, and then have someone who knows you rate you as well. 

1) Self/Body Wellness

Are you taking care of your body?  Your self?  Are you a burden/enduring type who holds it for everybody but not yourself?  Do you see yourself as body-mind-spirit?  Adaptogens like Salam Punja, Tulsi and Turmeric are great for just fundamental ‘self’ care!

2) Family/Lineage Wellness

Are you taking care of your family’s traditions of health and wealth and fun and fullness?  Who in your family needs assistance?  Does a grandmother need her Triphala?  Does a granddaughter need to be introduced to Shatavri?  Is there a person in your clan who need Kutki to assist with their liver?

3) Siblings/Allies

Siblings, peers, allies are like our arms and legs in many ways.  Do we really see them? Do we honor them? Are we being supportive rewarding allies to others?  Is the amount of power that we exchange with our sibling/allies mutually supportive, mutually respectful?

4) Home/Mother

Is your home happy, and home can mean our Mother, our house, our yard, our Nation.  How can we serve our Mother? How as Mothers can we serve others?  Another place where Shatavri can be our best friend. 

5) Creativity/Education

What have we taught ourselves lately?  What have we allowed ourselves to be taught?  Are we too myopic?  Are we ‘know it alls?’  Do we know the beauty of the beginner’s mind?  How can we be more creative in our understanding of all these 12 bhavas?  Have we taken our Brahmi lately?   How about our Atis with its ability to generate focus an concentration!

6) Legal/Medical

What can we do today that will severally attenuate any legal or medical issues tomorrow?  What pound tomorrow can we, with an ounce of prevention today, prevent?  What habit can we start today that will prevent anything to congest or tire tomorrow?  What are the adaptogenic herbs best suited for me in the long run?

7) Partner

How are you as a partner, and how are your partners with me?  Am I holding space for them, or am I causing them to falter?  Remember, it is not how much you love someone, but how much you love yourself when you are with them! 

8) Sexuality/Secrets

Sexual energy is way important, what are you doing with yours?  What secrets are ready for the light of day, and what should remain hidden?  Why?  Should you take an extra fun dose of Salam Punja, Atis, Ashwagandha & Shatavri and enjoy some extra deliciousness with your lover?

9) Spirituality/Father

Are you focused on the Spiritual side of Life?  Too much?  Not enough?  Does your idea of Spirit have something to do watching a sunset in Yosemite or with the Scotch on the top shelf behind your new best friend.  And about Fatherhood.  How is that working out for you?

10) Fame/Social

Are you a butterfly or a mole, a veritable ricochet off one party to the next, or a hermit.  What has FB done to you?  Are you supporting your career?  Are you an authority or are you anti-authority?  What support can you shine your light on?

11) Finances

You need resources for yourself by yourself. The wealth of #2 is not included here.  What money do you earn and what is status quo?  What are you giving to the world and what is the world giving you back to you for you as you?  Are you suitably appreciated and compensated? Do you compensate others enough?

12) Healthy Endings and Pre-beginnings

What needs to end in your life but isn’t?  Like setting yourself up for the next shot while shooting pool. What shots can you be lining up now?  What can you allow, and let be, and let go?  Here the magic of Jatamansi weaves great terrain for pre-beginnings!

This is not an exercise on beating yourself up, but rather to just increase awareness, and thus balance, of the fullness you are!  Often making sure you give skillful attention to all these facets will make it so much easier for you to remain balanced in your whole life in general. 



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