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Harki Dun, Uttarakhand
Start Date:
Mar, 2013

One of the main features of the Himalayan Retreat will be The Dunagiri Mountain Clinic or the Dunagiri Ayurveda Mandir. We do not want to create a clinic in the traditional sense of the word, but more of a temple atmosphere where people come to be treated, rather than a whitewashed building where sick people go. The purpose of the clinic is to preserve the knowledge of the elder Ayurvedic practitioners (Vaidyas) and Tibetan Doctors (Amchis) that we find in the villages we work with and in the further surrounding areas.

Our aim will be to treat local villagers, while documnting the formulas that are used, in order to create case studies, which in turn will prove the validity of of our claims to the FDA via Substantiation Files. As we know, the War on Herbs is a very real thing. Pharmaceutical companies are lobbying hard to make natural medicine inaccessible to the general public, and if scientifically proving the claims of 5000 year old formulas is what we must do, then so be it!

More and more, villagers are seeking a modern life and work opportunities in the cites and towns below. The brightest and smartest of these youth are chasing these opportunities. This means that there is no one able or interested to carry the lineage passed down from generation to generation of the use of these herbs. We hope that we will be able to extract the nectar of the wisdom from these great elders, so that their knowledge will be available for generations to come....

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Dunagiri Herbals Lab