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Get Involved

There are many ways to Get Involved with Dunagiri. The easiest way is to Contribute to any specific project that has been outlined in the Projects section. We guarantee that the money you donate will go directly toward the fulfillment of the project at hand, and we will provide you updates as the project progresses.

Starting next year, we will start our Adopt A Farm program which will allow You the ability to choose a farm and family that you would like to directly support.  More details about Adopt a farm are available when you click the link.

We are also looking for Hindi or Tibetan speaking Foreigners who are India Savvy and have some backround in botany or natural medicine.  We are looking for more people like us who are ready and willing to offer themselves to the Preservation of Earth and her gifts. People with a backround in Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, and other natural healing modalities are welcome to submit an application which will begin as Volunteer work and may grow into a Paying Job.

Last but certainly not least, as sustainability is not sustainable unless it is market driven, we need to build a network that links the end consumer with the farms. Dunagiri is taking responsibilty to sell these herbs to responsible consumers, to make sure that the hard work of the villager is rewarded with a fair market price. The various possible nodes of this network represent many opportunities for you that will promote individual and collective wellness and abundance. We need your help to support our farmers...

Contact Us for more details.  We look forward to hearing from you.