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The Dunagiri Foundation specializes in identifying suitable land for cultivating the herbs that we work with. This entails scouring the steep Himalayan hillsides into dozens of remote village areas, discovering hundreds of hidden pockets of ideal terrain and diverse ecosystems along the way. In the process, we have found some spectacular lands that have been unused for decades. We have also have met many of the families that own these lands, usually marginalized people who are generally very simple farmers and shepherds. Rather than the normal charitable approach of encouraging concerned and generous people to adopt a child to help them through school, or other such programs, the Dunagiri Team has decided that we would start a program for these villagers and tribals that would not only educate them in conserving their own ecological sub-climates, but also empower them in transforming their farms into a sustainable source of income for the whole family as well.

So in the coming months, we will be compiling all of our data, images, maps, etc and evaluate the different farms and their potential for medicinal plant cultivation. We will calculate a startup investment to get these farms up and running, and will post them here for your perusal, in hopes that YOU may want to Get Involved and contribute to the preservation of these rare species, and the people and heritage who share these mountain ranges with these plants. 100% of your contributions will go directly into the fulfillment of these projects and will not go toward paying salaries of large non-profit employees.  We are a grassroots organization, we want to see a significant change happen in this region of the world, and we are dedicated to the fulfillment of these tasks leading to this Vision of a Sustainable Himalaya.

If you choose to adopt a farm, you will be updated on the progress of the work, be sent images, and you are also welcome to come visit your farm and the family you are helping to support. By growing these herbs, the family will then become another very valuable huge asset to sustainability, an ally to Dunagiri, and will help us spread the work further throughout the surrounding areas. The knowledge of the medicinal value and traditional use of these powerful and endangered herbs will also be preserved in this process. More and more profit-driven pharmaceutical companies are setting up shop in rural areas, and these villagers are turning to them for their general medical needs, when there is a wealth of medicine in their backyard. Help us turn the tide of devastation back and return to an ancient perennial wisdom combined with contemporary terrain. As the modern world seduces the younger generations, there is no one to pass on the knowledge of the ancient healing traditions held now only by a few of the ailing elders. So we are doing our part to instill pride and dignity back into their religion, spirituality, and heritage, so that all of us can remember our roots, where we came from, and the ultimate value these lineages.

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