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Ramani Village, Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
Start Date:
Sep, 2014

The Dunagiri Team has formed some new and fruitful alliances with local ngo's and like minded organizations.  We would like to thank Siddharth amd Harpal Singh Negi for their years of charitable contributions to the agricultural sector in Uttarakhand. Since 2001, they have successfully erected over 500 polyhouses in the Chamoli district, have been a crucial part of the proliferation of medicinal plant cultivation in the area, and most recently have been working to build temporary housing for villagers who lost their homes in the floods and landslides of 2013. Their organization is called the Uttraranchal Youth and Rural Development Centre (UYRDC) 

Siddharth has been instrumental in conveying Dunagiri's purpose to the villagers and helping us to integrate our agenda into the village setting, to make it a mutually benefical endeavor. Our main objectives have been to create buyback agreements with farners who are genuinely cultivating medicinal plants rather than illegal wild harvesting. We are also implementing hygienic drying and curing techniques to combat microbial contamination. We thank the UYRDC for their willingness to cooperate and offer their time and energy to make this Dunagiri Project a successful one.

Since 1995, another organization, Institution Devoted for Agrotechnology of Alpine Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Nursery at Ramni (ANKUR), has been working to develop one of the most successful high altitude nurseries in Uttarakhand.  Sudarshan Singh Kathait and I had a great meeting discussin the future of Dunagiri and ANKUR, and he has graciously allowed us to reside at his nursery site while implementing our projects in the Ramni area.  We will work toward more plant divesity, and also eco-tourism development in the area. Thank you Sir for your kindness and generosity in support of our goals