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Harki Dun, Uttarakhand
Start Date:
Mar, 2013

As we have nearly finished the Samata Holistic Retreat Center in Goa, it will be high time to start building our Himalayan Retreat Center in high altitude Himalaya. This Center will allow us to show our visitors all the hands-on work we are doing, see our nurseries, visit the villages, and see all our positive impact.

We want to build an eco-retreat based on traditional building with wood and stone, but also incorporating Rammed Earth as a possible method which has great natural insulation.

At the moment, our great friend Piyush has a beautiful Retreat Center near the Dunagiri Temple in Almora district. Piyush, being a great ally, has built a wonderful center that we will be booking for our mountain retreats until we have the ability to build our own center. Please have a look here if you would like to peruse his website.  Prashanti already has plans for October 2013 to do a 6 week intensive Ayurveda retreat with his colleague Komala at Piyush's center, and we would love to support our good friend there.

Dunagiri Retreat Center Almora is very near to some of Mahavatar Babaji's caves, and thus he is very connected to the Kriya Yoga lineage of Lahiri Mahayasa and Swami Yogananda. It is a beautiful location and is run to very high standards, clean, and comfortable.

Dunagiri Mountain Clinic

Dunagiri Herbals Lab