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Sabli Village, Chamba
Start Date:
Jan, 2013

Our Alliance with HIMCON in regards to our Tejbal Project is going so well, that both of our organizations have decided to deepen our ties with new partnership initiatives. HIMCON has a large, clean, unused structure on its property that they have offered to Dunagiri to create a Post-Processing facility for the herbs that we grow. This space will allow us to dry and package herbs to our standards, and allow us to acquire machinery and tools that we need to develop formulations for products we are developing.  

This means that in the next few years, you may be seeing Dunagiri Herbals launch a product line.....

Maintaining an export quality standard through proper post-processing is still a major missing link in the brokering of Himalayan herbs. Most herbs are sun-dried in the village in areas where livestock also frequent, thus creating high potential for microbial contamination. Also, many of the herbs are not dried to proper moisture content levels, and if they are packed and stored for long periods, some mold will occur.

Dunagiri wants to make sure that all the hard work of the villagers is not in vain, and that the medicine farmed from these fields arrives to the user in top shelf condition, so that the maximum medicinal benfits are achieved.

Prashanti is currently designing a Solar Dryer. His backround in brick laying, chimney making, and aerospace engineering make him one of the more qualified people to create a solar dryer that has great air flow and temperature control.

Our friends at SOS Organics, Santosh and Amrita, are offering their consulting in regards to establishing this facility to proper spec. They will be giving a tour and training our HIMCON friends how to create a clean, hygienic, and efficiently run facility in India. SOS has been established for many years, and is one of the few Ethically Responsible companies in HImalaya that we know of.

Our friend Ben Heron who started a company in Himalaya called Biolaya, has developed a very detailed manual describing the Good Agriculture and Collection Practices (GACP) which we will use to train villagers to follow our standards. Ben has achieved so much with his work in the mountains, and Dunagiri will benefit greatly from his sharing of information.

All of the information and tools that we need are in place, and over the next year, we will be gearing up, and rubbing our hands together with anticipation. We have so many great product ideas and we can't wait to share them.....

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