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Ramani Village, Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
Start Date:
Sep, 2014

The Dunagiri Team has formed some new and fruitful alliances with local ngo's and like minded organizations.  We would like to thank Siddharth amd Harpal Singh Negi for their years of charitable contributions to the agricultural sector in Uttarakhand. Since 2001, they have successfully erected over 500 polyhouses in the Chamoli district, have been a crucial part of the proliferation of medicinal plant cultivation in the area, and most recently have been working to build temporary housing for villagers who lost their homes in the floods and landslides of 2013. Their organization is called the Uttraranchal Youth and Rural Development Centre (UYRDC)  Click to enter project

Arambol, North Goa
Start Date:
Nov, 2012

The Samata Holistic Retreat Center is the primary fund-raising center for The Dunagiri Foundation. Samata is a Sanskrit word which translates as balance or equilibrium, so it seemed a fitting name for a Center whose aim is to facilitate Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Cleansing, or other types of Holistic Retreats which restore balance in the human mind, body, and spirit. We have spent 3 years building Samata in Arambol, North Goa where part of the Dunagiri Team reside in the winter months. By November 2013, Samata will be fully operational with the ability to accommodate 30+ people for retreats. Samata is designed for Teachers to bring their students from overseas, as we will host and facilitate the retreat space, provide clean and comfortable lodging, hygienic and healthy food and water, as well as a peaceful environment inside a chaotic India.   Click to enter project

Herb Cultivation

Dunagiri has big plans for high altitude herb cultivation all over the state of Uttarakahand and beyond.  These projects are long term as many of these rare and endangered medicinals take 3 years to grow. It is a lifetime project that we are honored to serve :). In this section, you will find detailed information about our ongoing projects, and also check what we have On The Horizon, as we have big plans for the future.   Click to enter project

On the Horizon

The Dunagiri Foundation has a lifetime of work set out before us, that we feel completely honored and humble to serve. On the Horizon will depict the projects that we see coming in the years ahead, to give you an idea of what we are up to, and a prelude to the future. As we know, anything can change, and we have to adaptable to the human condition and general climate and terrain of our environment. But we hope you enjoy reading about our upcoming dreams, and your positive prayers and throughts will also contribute toward these dreams becoming manifest.... Click to enter project