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Herb Cultivation

Ramani Village, Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
Start Date:
Sep, 2014

The Dunagiri Team has formed some new and fruitful alliances with local ngo's and like minded organizations.  We would like to thank Siddharth amd Harpal Singh Negi for their years of charitable contributions to the agricultural sector in Uttarakhand. Since 2001, they have successfully erected over 500 polyhouses in the Chamoli district, have been a crucial part of the proliferation of medicinal plant cultivation in the area, and most recently have been working to build temporary housing for villagers who lost their homes in the floods and landslides of 2013. Click to enter project

Supporting Kutki Farmers
Start Date:
Oct, 2012

Over the past 10 years, the government of Uttarakhand through the department of Herbal Research and Development Institute (HRDI) has been promoting the cultivation of some of these rare and endangered species. Few of the initiatives have caught on due to inability to market these herbs properly after harvest, however Katuki, or Kutki picrorhiza kurroa is one of them that has gained a lot of momentum and success over the last years. There is a Kutki nursery in the village of Ramni, in Ghat Valley, district Chamoli, that was started by an organization called Ankur which has also helped the proliferation of Kutki cultivation in the area. Click to enter project

Sabli Gaon, Chamba district, Uttarakand
Start Date:
Apr, 2010

Dunagiri is proud to present one of our most unique and successful projects to date. Tejbal, literally meaning 'The power of brilliance,' has a strong spiritual and historical significance in India dating back thousands of years. The danda, or walking staff of Tejbal, has been carried by sadhus and sages for millennia, and was placed over the doorways in villages to ward away evil spirits, practices that continue in present day. Tejbal is on the endangered species list, and The Dunagiri Foundation, in alliance with Himalaya Consortium of Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON), is making the first attempt of its kind to cultivate Tejbal inside of India. Click to enter project